Ribeye cowboy steak (Grass Fed)

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1 x 40-45oz ribeye cowboy steak similar to a Tomahawk but with a short bone, Rich, juicy and very flavorful, with generous marbling throughout, aged 60+ days for great tenderness.


Aged beef: Aging is a process where beef is hung in a controlled temperature cooler to drain excess water weight, and to let the muscles relax. The longer it hangs the more the muscles relax, the more relaxed the more tender.

Store bought meat is seldom hung more than 10-14 days, a butcher most often ages 21 days, and the best steakhouses always age 35+ days. At PPM all our beef is hung 40+ days to ensure consistent tenderness.

*Individually packaged for easy use

*Vacuum sealed to prevent freezer burn


 ***Thaw to room temperature, pat completely dry, add your favorite spice. For med rare turn your BBQ to maximum heat, coat your cowboy lightly with virgin olive oil, sear approximately 7 min each side then let it rest for 5 minutes mmmm


Ribeye cowboy steak (Grass Fed)

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