Nutritional Information

Air-Chilled Chicken:

There are two methods commonly used to process & disinfect chicken, water-chilling and air-chilling. Ninety percent of all chicken sold in Canada is water-chilled, meaning thousands of chickens are placed in a communal bath of ice-cold chlorinated water, adding considerable water weight and exposing them to cross-contamination and the potential of diseases like salmonella. The healthier method is air-chilling, a process where chickens are placed individually in cooling chambers and disinfected with purified air ONLY. This eliminates any extra water weight and is also better for the environment, as NO water is used. 

Aged Beef:

Aging of beef is a process where beef is hung in a controlled temperature cooler to drain excess water weight and to let the muscles relax.  The longer it hangs the more the muscles relax, the more relaxed the more tender the meat. Store-bought beef is seldom aged more than 10-14 days, a butcher typically ages around 21 days and the best steakhouses age their beef for roughly 35 days. We age our beef a minimum of 40 days so we can deliver only the tenderest of beef products to you.

Pastured Pork:

Pigs have the handy ability to convert vegetable and plant matter to the fatty acids EPA and DHA which reduce inflammation, reduce cardiovascular disease and promote good health for us who eat pork. Free ranging pork contains much higher concentrations of these beneficial fatty acids, and no antibiotics or growth stimulators are used as the animals are being raised.

Wild-caught Fish:

Fish raised in the wild eat a natural diet and tend to be slightly lower in saturated fat than farm-raised varieties. They are also not as prone to disease and illness, due to being in a natural environment, without antibiotics or growth promoters. This makes a leaner & tastier fish-eating experience. See our descriptions for our Salmon, Tuna and Mahi-Mahi for even more featured benefits of wild-caught fish.