8 x 10oz air-chilled boneless skinless chicken breast

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8 x 10oz air chilled boneless skinless chicken breast 2 per pack

There are 2 methods used to process & disenfect chicken, water chilling and air chilling. 90% of all chicken is water chilled a method where 1000's of chickens are placed in a communal bath of ice cold chlorinated water adding considerable water weight, and exposing them to cross contamination, and the risks of diseases.

The second method a healthier, and safer way is air-chilling this is where chickens are individually hung in controlled temperature chambers, and only purified air is used to disinfect, not water. Air chilling eliminates adding unnecssary water weight and significantly reduces risk of cross contamination and diseases like salmonella.


8 x 10oz air-chilled boneless skinless chicken breast

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